To a Simple Rock’n’Roll … Song – Michael Clark


Commissioned by the Barbican, London, To a Simple Rock’n’Roll … Song is a three act work showcasing Michael Clark’s signature choreography, precise, clean and always meticulous.

Act I: Satie Studs/Ogives Composite is set to the piano music of Erik Satie. The dancers execute the intricate choreography well and the piece flows as individuals contort themselves into complex and arresting positions. Each chord is matched by uniform movement complemented by the body hugging white and black bodysuits adorned by each dancer.

In Act II: Land, Clark sexes things up with PVC flares and pelvic thrusts all set to the Punk tunes of Patti Smith. The piece is sharp and sassy, with the strength and agility of the dancers on full display. Gritty and suggestive, fully of confidence and swagger, Act II is greeted with whoops and cheers from the audience.

Set entirely to the music of David Bowie titled, “my mother, my dog and CLOWNS!” (lyrics from the much loved Life On Mars), Act III is vibrant, exciting and a fitting climax to the works. Dancers dash around the stage in firstly gleaming gunmetal bodysuits to the sounds of Bowie’s last work Blackstar then later fiery vibrant orange ombre suits to the iconic 1973 sounds of Aladdin Sane. The piece is packed with energy, the choreography bold and engaging, a befitting end to the night.


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