Little Shop Of Horrors Review


There’s a mean green mother from outer space planting roots at the Palace Theatre this week and boy is she bad!! Chomping her way through Skid Row residents like they’re smarties, Audrey II takes no prisoners in her need for the bleed! Set in downtown Skid Row, a small and neglected part of New York City, Little Shop of Horrors is a riotous tale of love and laughter with a good dollop of murder and mayhem thrown in, all finished off with a little blast of nitrous oxide courtesy of devilish Dentist Orin Scrivello (Rhydian Roberts)!


Unlucky in love (and life) Seymour (Sam Lupton) buys a strange and interesting new plant which soon turns around the fortunes of the failing Mushnik’s Flower Shop where he works as an assistant in downtrodden Skid Row. He names the plant ‘Audrey II’ in honour of fellow shop assistant Audrey whom he is secretly, completely and utterly besotted with. Audrey (Stephanie Clift) however is dating the sinister and bordering on sadist local Dentist, Orin, who would no doubt unleash a world of pain on them both should he discover Seymour’s secret. Add to this the slight complication that Audrey II is quickly growing into a demanding, ill-tempered, obscenity loving carnivore that’s attracting more and more attention by the second and you’ve got one hell of an entertaining production.


The cast is without doubt the best I’ve seen in any production of Little Shop, Sam Lupton and Stephanie Clift are the most perfect Seymour and Audrey you could wish for, they give their absolute all in this production. Their comic timing is impeccable and the chemistry between them on stage is a joy, the jackpot was well and truly hit when they walked into the audition room.

There was a palpable ‘YES!’ from the audience when Lupton and Clift sang the much loved classic Suddenly Seymour, a real stand out moment amongst an already top notch production. Add to this perfect pairing the deliciously dark Rhydian Roberts playing the Prince of Plaque who delights the audience with his infectious giggling and sinister smile and the quality of this production is rubber stamped. Rhydian is fantastic, a sneering, arrogant bully, exactly what you want from a dentist! Special mention must also go to Crystal (Sasha Latoya), Chiffon (Vanessa Fisher) and Ronnette (Cassie Clare), our gorgeous three ‘ragamuffins’ who narrate the show with their smooth melodies superbly.


Directed by Tara Louis Wilkinson for Sell a Door Theatre Company and Damien Tracey Productions, Little Shop of Horrors is a monster of a hit, with classic Howard Ashman and Alan Menken songs that you’ll be humming for days, a killer set and top class cast this show is an absolute must see! Just remember ‘Don’t Feed The Plants!’

On at the Palace Theatre until Saturday 5th November




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