Keep Dancing


With this year’s Strictly now in full swing, dance fever has struck once again! If the week long wait for the celebrities and professionals to hit the dancefloor is just too much then shimmy down to the Palace theatre for dance extravaganza, Keep Dancing!

Starring ex-Strictly pro’s Robin Windsor and Anya Garnis with guest celebrity and 2012 winner, Louis Smith (who gets a huge cheer from the audience); Keep Dancing is an explosion of sequins, salsa and some seriously impressive hip swivelling! Showcasing everyone’s favourite dances from the Tango to the Charleston and everything in between, Keep Dancing is a delightfully entertaining production which will thrill all the diehard dance fans amongst us.

The stars of the show are undoubtedly Robin and Anya, performing both pieces with the ensemble dancers as well as some exquisite solo pieces; they truly give a masterclass in dance with each discipline just as impressive as the last. The speed and agility in which they move is incredible, they are true professionals and utterly mesmerising, if I even attempted some of the intricate routines they glide through I’d end up in A&E with at the very least a dislocated hip and several broken bones.


Interspersed between the dance numbers are beautiful musical and vocal pieces, singers Adam Warmington, Harriette Virginia Mullen and the superb Lisa-Marie Holmes were excellent, delivering gorgeously reworked versions of well-known classics which offered the dancers the perfect soundtrack to showcase their skills. The set design is simple and effective with staircases on both sides leading to an upper deck for the singers/musicians, teamed with dramatic and atmosphere lighting the scene is perfectly set.

The choreography team of which Robin and Anya are a part of have done an incredible job in delivering a tight and engaging show, jam-packed with top class routines, a particular highlight for me was the all-male paso, totally stunning and as dramatic as any good paso should be, add to that the bare chest of Robin Windsor and the swooning soon began!

If you’re looking for a fun night out, teaming with sensational routines and stunning choreography then Keep Dancing more than hits the mark, fun, flirty and totally FAB-U-LOUS!  

Palace Theatre, Manchester – Tues 4th-Sat 8th


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