Breakin’ Convention 2017

BC 1

Hosted by founder Jonzi D and local MC and music producer Martin Visceral, Breakin’ Convention is a real celebration of hip hop disciplines, offering audiences the opportunity to see both internationally renowned artists and local talent performing in one evening on the Lowry’s Lyric stage.

Not only is the stage alive with performers but the entire Lowry building is buzzing with activity before, during and after the show, giving a real carnival atmosphere to the nights proceedings. It’s wonderful to see such a diverse mix of theatregoers, as young and old alike gather together to enjoy the thrilling and talented performances and hip hop market place on site as the Lowry comes to life in this festival of movement and artistry.

BC 3

Act I sees performances from Fidget Feet, Gianluca Papa, Chad Taylor (Shockout) and Soweto Skeleton Movers. All unique in style and experience each piece is delivered with passion and offers some real crowd pleasing moments for the audience. Special mention must go to Soweto Skeleton Movers, experts in pantsula dance developed by Skeleton Mover pioneer Jabulani, their performance is fast, frentic and utterly fascinating. Their comedic contortion is incredible, at times you can’t quite believe what you are seeing, their level of skill and talent is extraordinary as they thrill and delight with their outstanding and brilliant magical hat tricks, an absolute must see!

BC 4

Act II introduces audiences to 01612twelve95, Tentacle Tribe and the incredible Just Dance from South Korea. Each gives an outstanding performance with Just Dance completely blowing the audience away with their utterly mesmerising skills. Their performance features traditional live Korean music delivered brilliantly by a Buddhist monk who compliments the style of the piece perfectly. Just Dance are bold, dynamic and utterly captivating, their performance is technically precise and visually stunning, the talent amongst this crew is staggering.

BC 2

Breakin’ Convention is a true celebration, spreading a message of positivity whilst constantly pushing the boundaries, roll on Breakin’ Convention 2018! Read more about the annual festival and see further tour dates here