Marx in Soho


“Remember to be radical simply means to grasp the root of the problem. And the root is us”

2018 marks 200 years since the legendary Karl Marx was born, in celebration of this, Iron Age Theatre in association with Juniper Productions have brought renowned historian activist Howard Zinn’s timely one-man show, Marx in Soho, on a 6 week UK tour, stopping at Chetham’s library, where Marx and Engles frequently visited in 1845, with an additional two night at the Kings Arms in Salford.

Zinn’s work is delivered convincingly by Bob Weick in this engaging one-man play. Marx has been granted a return from heaven in order to attempt to explain his ideas and ideals to a modern audience. He had hoped to arrive in Soho, London where he once lived, however much to his irritation he lands in Soho, New York.


Zinn’s script takes Marx’s political theory and mixes it with warm and nostalgic recollections about the people he loved which comes across in a subtle tenderness as he recollects his favourite memories. Just as convincing are his passionate discussions about the injustices faced by the working class, made strikingly clear as he argues that the problems of yesterday, political corruption, war and poverty are just as apparent today.

Weick is engaging and charismatic with a well-judged wry humour and a real clarity in his delivery. The setting could not be more perfect, the baronial hall at Manchester’s Chetham’s library further adding to the engaging authenticity of this piece.

Thought-provoking, impassioned and relevant theatre.

Catch Marx in Soho at The Kings Arms Salford on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June tickets available here.


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