Boris – The Musical


Established in June 2016 as a response to the Brexit referendum, Blowfish Theatre brought their satirical comedy-musical about the rise, fall and unfortunate rise again of politiclown Boris Johnson to a packed out Dance House theatre last night.

Directed by Kyle Williams and writer Laurence Peacock, Boris – the Musical is a great fun show which gently illustrates just how bonkers the world of politics truly is whilst offering many, many laughs along the way.


David Burchhardt, is excellent in the role of Boris, his portrayal is weirdly accurate even down to the hideous blond thatch, he greets audience members on their way into the theatre in true bumbling and bombastic Boris style. He is energetic and engaging as he commentates on his life story being acted out on stage. We follow Boris through his days at Eaton and Oxford with a visit to the Bullingdon Club as this political romp illustrates just how ridiculous our political leaders really are. We meet snooty and condescending ‘Dave’ Cameron as well as the painfully ambitious Michael Gove, continually waiting in the wings for political puppet Johnson to stuff up.


Liz Kearney and Polly Bycroft-Brown take on several roles in the production including Dave and Gove, both have great stage presence and strong vocals which really compliment Burchhardt ‘s bungling Boris. With songs such as Born to Rule, Super Mayor and a hilarious Sound of Music reincarnation in the form of How Do You Solve A Problem Like A Boris, Blowfish theatre offer a sharp observation of the calamity that is Boris Johnson and the absolutely absurd political landscape he currently resides in. A great fun and hugely entertaining piece, highly recommended.

Boris – The Musical will be returning to Manchester in July for three dates at the city’s Z-arts venue on 27th, 28th & 29th July before heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe festival tickets available here;

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