Justin’s Party


There’s hardly a parent or grandparent in the UK who doesn’t know the name Justin Fletcher. He’s been on CBeebies screens for around 10 years in a number of shows, including Gigglebiz, Something Special and Justin’s House, all of which have been a big hit with children. Now Justin is taking to the stage with his UK tour of Justin’s Party and it’s proving to be a sell-out. The show reached Salford’s Lowry Theatre on Mother’s Day, providing two packed out shows full of toddlers and young children bubbling with excitement as they waited for the main man to make his appearance.

When he did the atmosphere was electric, Justin can do no wrong and fizzes with energy as he sings, dances and generally entertains the transfixed ‘mini’ theatregoers. He’s not alone in the show though, like every good party he has invited his friends; an ensemble of lively and colourfully dressed performers along with CBeebies favourite Cat Sandion. The premise for the ‘party’ is to celebrate the arrival of Justin’s new puppy Engelbert – cue a number of kids singalong classics, the Hokey Cokey, Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes and If You Are Happy And You Know It.


During the 1 hour 40 minutes there’s confetti cannons galore, a hilarious scene where the icing of Engelbert’s giant cake gets messy (much to the squeals of delight from the children) plus a surprise visit from one of Justin’s most famous characters, Mr Tumble!


Justin’s Party is delicious fun from start to finish and will leave children in a state of hyper that no amount of e numbers could come close to. A brilliant show and well recommended for families everywhere.



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