HOME by Frozen Light Theatre Company

HOME 42 - JMA Photography-smllr

Frozen Light theatre company strives to ensure that the theatre is an accessible place for all, their current production HOME is a bold, interactive and powerful piece which engages all of the five senses and explores feelings of fear, loss, separation, loneliness, friendship, trust, hope and joy, things that a person with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) experiences frequently just like you and I.

The company stopped at The Lowry as part of an extensive tour of England, Scotland and Wales which will take in 59 dates (many with 2 performances a day) at an impressive 41 venues. Performers Lucy Garland (Artistic Director) Amber Onat Gregory (Artistic Director) and Al Watts (Musical Director) are passionate about delivering their work in a theatre setting, something many of their target audience may not have experienced before. Even before entering the space the performers come out to their waiting audience and engage in the most positive and caring way, they see each individual here as just that, an individual, unique and special and someone whom through their warmth and positivity they encourage to join them on this magical sensory journey.

HOME_JMA Photography-96_smllr

Their storytelling is clear as they ensure they connect with each person through a variety of innovative and playful ways. Audience members literally light up as they are gently led through this sensory, mood-altering experience, at times I felt my emotions rise as I observed the sheer joy they brought to their audience. Bubbles are blown, wind machines whirr, the vibrations of a gong ripple as we move from a feeling of loss and isolation to one of joy and celebration. We are encouraged to be free and to explore textures, sounds, feelings, tastes and a frequently changing environment. Frozen Light demonstrate a true understanding of their audiences needs and respond beautifully to them during this fluid and inspiring production, they show perfectly how theatre can and should push the boundaries and be a place of accessible exploration and inclusion for all.

Find further information about Frozen Light theatre company including their forthcoming tour dates can be found here; www.frozenlighttheatre.com


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