The Night the Frost Fell

Reviewed by Nikki Cotter

Opening Night verdict ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Oldham Theatre Workshop’s Christmas show is always a highlight of the festive season and this year is no exception. The Night The Frost Fell is a beautiful production which will warm even the coldest of hearts.

This magical family musical is set in a town living under a curse when one night Jack Frost arrives and as the frost falls, time too is frozen. The curse which was due to man’s greed has resulted in a loss of balance within the seasons, affecting the lives of all the townsfolk. There’s only Bobbi who can save the day and lift the curse so off she goes with some gingerbread in her pocket and her trusty friend Mala for company.

Writer Sarah Nelson and composer James Atherton have produced a magical piece of theatre with a wonderful message which is gently interwoven into the narrative. The songs and music are beautiful while the multiple surprises drew gasps of delight from the little ones (and some big ones) in the audience. The intimate setting at Oldham Library’s Performance Space makes this show feel super special while the talented cast of seven whisk you away on this wintry adventure.

Hope Yolanda is superb as Bobbi, her storytelling is clear while her beautiful voice is note perfect. Naomi Bynon is a joy in each of her roles and has a real warmth with the audience as well as stunning vocals. Ella Lovelady’s characterisation as Aunt Truda especially is fantastic while the addition of Farhaan Shah playing the violin alongside his multiple parts adds a real richness to James Atherton’s melodic score.

This original story is engaging and uplifting. The talented cast slip into different roles with ease while the simplicity of the set is used to great effect allowing the storytelling to really shine. With magical surprises and a heroine to truly believe in The Night the Frost fell will charm young and old alike. Enchanting family theatre.

The Night the Frost Fell is on at Oldham Library Performance Space, from Saturday 3rd to Saturday 24th December tickets available here.

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