The Not So Ugly Sisters

Reviewed by Jodie Crawford

Opening Night verdict ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Not So Ugly Sisters is a musical alternative tale of Cinderella and what happened after the “happily ever after” told from a whole new perspective, brought to us by Wrongsemble, Leeds playhouse and Red Ladder.

Situated in a hair salon the story is told by the captivating Barb (Lucy Rafton) and Dolly (Daisy Ann Fetcher), Cinders step sisters, on the day of Cinders marriage to Prince Smarming. An event which Barb and Dolly have not been invited to, much to their great disappointment.

They share their childhood memories of growing up with Cinders, through funny stories and fabulous musical numbers. Barb (Lucy Rafton) brings hilarious sarcasm and Dolly (Daisy Ann Fletcher) an energetic positivity that is both comic and moving. The script by Elvi Piper is witty, intelligent and contemporary which engages the younger generation with references to “hashtags and dms”. KS2 and KS3 Christmas school trip audiences are going to love the hilarity and wittiness of the dialogue.

Make no mistake, the success of this show is largely thanks to the pure talent of Lucy Rafton and Daisy Ann Fletcher: Their vocals are flawless, their comic timing incredible. An absolutely magical partnership which brings the tale to life and engages the audience (which spans generations) fantastically. They are a dynamic, well rehearsed duo – bouncing off of one another.

The set and lighting design works brilliantly for this intimate show and the use of props to enhance the storytelling works equally as well.

The people of Sale are lucky to have this on the doorstep over the Christmas period. If you haven’t booked it yet, you absolutely should! A must see, belly laughing alternative to the traditional tale for the modern day audience.

The Not So Ugly Sisters is on at Waterside, Sale, until Saturday 1st Jan tickets available here.

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