Teletubbies Live

Teletubbies Live 1 Photo Credit Dan Tsantilis

Credit: Dan Tsantilis

As the sun sets across the country and small children are being coaxed to sleep in households everywhere there has been one main stay on children’s television for the past 20 years and that is the highly successful Ragdoll production of Teletubbies Live.

A beautiful programme, telling simple stories to children about four very colourful alien like characters living in a floral woodland landscape. Having watched the show most evenings with my own children growing up it was with much excitement that I would get to take my three year old son to see it brought to life in the World Premiere of Limelight’s new theatre production.

Written and directed by Richard Lewis the show entitled ‘Big Hugs’ follows exactly the same format as the TV show with the baby face in the sun rising at the start and Dipsy, LaLa, Tinky Winky and Po popping out of the grassy background to squeals of excitement from the young audience. Teletubbies Live has the highly energetic Sam (Naomi Slater) linking each scene and providing the dance actions to all the songs and her performance is as enthusiastic as you would expect. There are very simple children’s stories such as counting sheep and chasing rabbits plus annoyingly addictive songs throughout which keep the exuberant audience jumping up and down.

Teletubbies Live 2 Photo Credit Dan Tsantilis

Credit: Dan Tsantilis

The transition to stage for such a well know show is seamless and every child (and plenty of adults) left the theatre with an extra spring in their step and catchy melodies humming round their heads. My little boy spent most of the show with his eyes like saucers and mouth wide open as he tried to work out how his favourite character Noo Noo the vacuum cleaner was within touching distance and not behind a glass flat screen!

Say ‘Eh Oh’ to this beautiful children’s theatre show with the little ones in your life as it tours the country and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Opening Night guest reviewer: Justin Eagleton

Teletubbies Live runs at the Palace Theatre Manchester until Sunday 19 November

For national tour dates visit


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