Creator: Kate Jackson

Cast: Bettina Carpi, Jacqueline McCormick, Malachi Simmons, Lauren Tucker

Creatives: Mike Dunn, Rosalind Noctor, Richard Owen, Daniel Thomas

Witness is a truly unique immersive piece of work which sees performers and audience travel together through the stunning grounds at Tatton Park whilst offering an intimate and personal experience which explores the senses and draws you into the performances in an engaging and mesmeric way.

A beautiful cast of artists guided by Kate Jackson have explored immersive dance, focussing on the experience a performance offers an audience if delivered in a stripped back, raw and honest way. As an audience we are asked to surrender to our senses, to the sounds offered through the audio provided via individual headsets and to follow where we are led. We are guided and encouraged to trail their stories as we travel through this extraordinary all immersive experiences. Creator Kate truly gives her audience the opportunity to immerse themselves into the performance wholeheartedly, it almost feels like you are the only person there, observing the emotional performances as you travel from merry-go-round, to Stately Home gardens, to café effortlessly.

Kate has guided her performers through an exploration of well-being, mental health awareness and looked at depression, anxiety and isolation thinking about how all of these elements affect our lives, our interactions and our emotions. Inviting the audience to become aware of their own feelings and senses through interaction with the artists at one point makes for a very poignant moment in the evening, as I am led blindfolded through the courtyard my sense are on high alert as I experience a total trust in performer Malachi Simmons to guide me safely. A truly beautiful piece of work which not only delivers a powerful messages but challenges its audience.



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