Selfridges goes Shakespeare!


Now time for something a little different…

Opening Night usually tells you about what is coming up in the world of theatre…but what about when theatre finds itself a temporary new home?

Well that is what is about to happen today (11th September).

Theatre company The Letter Room will be descending on Manchester’s Selfridges Exchange Square, creating raucous little pockets of theatre that puts the audience in a Shakespearean world to celebrate the Shakespeare ReFASHIONed scheme. They will be enhancing shoppers experience, getting them laughing, clicking their fingers and maybe even dancing.  The performances will take place at 2pm and 4pm and will run across different floors of the Exchange Square store.

Head down the escalators to the Lower Ground’s beauty floor the the underground speakeasy where Juliet is the singing diamond. There’s music and dancing, everyone is beautiful and it’s a party. Think Baz Lurhman’s Great Gatsby. As the Capulets are getting ready for the masquerade ball behind the scenes you might just see Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time.

On the ground floor, Malvolio is donning his most favourite accessories….the yellow stockings. That hugely famous scene from Twelfth Night unfolds among the shoes and handbags, farcical and fierce. In his garters and stockings it’s a nod at the burlesque and freak show inspired world of the French vaudeville.

First floor menswear is where to meet Rosalind and Celia from As You Like It, where Rosalind is trying on her new threads, to impose as Ganymede to win the heart of Orlando in the Forest of Arden. Ascend to the second floor and you embark on  1950s glamour, think Mad Men and sharp suits. Here you’ll find the rebellious Kate from Taming of the Shrew and enjoy Rock and Roll music from the Buddy Holly’s and the Don Cherry crooners as the characters sip on cocktails.

The day will be full of acoustic live music with some original and some twists on recognisable tunes. The Letter Room will perform excerpts from four Shakespeare plays, incorporating modern day fashion with bygone eras to create an exciting, otherworldly interpretation of some of Shakespeare’s most famous characters. The Shakespeare ReFASHIONed scheme celebrates four hundred years after his death with a range of in store activity and exclusive product.

So, if you fancy some Shakespeare this Sunday, head to Selfridges Exchange Square…there’s no need to be ‘Bard’ at home!

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